In my bed actually, drinking my early morning tea, trying to enjoy my 3rd year in uni, attending lectures and more. In all, I am doing really well, thank you. I have felt so useless for the past month as I haven't blogged and I am honestly sorry. Instead of going on and on about reasons for my absence, I would just move on (lets all do that, thank you). I have decided to post once a week and hold on hold on, I have a reason for this! I honestly don't have the best relationship with internet in my school and therefore, I have to struggle (and I have decided to struggle once a week, how NICE). Well, university hasn't been a bit sweet this semester but on a happy note, this means more time and effort would be put in this marvelous blog! hopefully, my future ideas would be really amazing to you guys. You can give me ideas of what you would love to see next on my blog! that would be lovely!

How was your weekend? hope everyone is feeling beautiful!
I'm wearing: 
 Shirt - vintageweare 
Bag- thrifted 
Sandals - Cathy Jean.

Leggings - h&m