Hey, rare beauties!

I've never actually done a "favorites" post or maybe I have during the early blogging days and I can't quite remember. This is an official first "favorite" post and I think I'm genuinely going to enjoy writing these rather than major reviews and I hope you guys enjoy it too. 

I'm a glossy girl (if that's a thing). I've been denying it for a long time but I have finally accepted especially after going through my photos from last year and not finding any picture of me wearing lipstick! can you imagine? Not one. 

The new found love has to do with my lazy and simple makeup look. I'm so boring when it comes to creating looks. I've talked about my love for lip balms and glosses in the past so this post wouldn't surprise most of you, lol. Glosses just make me feel a lot better, seriously. My love for lipsticks might be rekindled but, right now, glosses definitely suit my mood. 

Generally, I go for pink lip glosses. Asides the fact that I really love pink, I do look good in pink. I either go for pink or clear colored glosses. Amongst the few lip glosses I have, I'm currently loving-

Where to buy: any Maybelline store
Price: 2000-3000
Where to buy:
price: #2000

I received this as an apology. Who knew glosses could suit my mood and guess what? It is my absolute favorite! The pigmentation is lovely, it doesn't feel heavy on the lips and lasts for a long time through the day.

Where to buy: I'm so not sure about this one, I'm sorry.

What do you prefer? Lipsticks or lip gloss?

I'm actually open to trying more brands so please, leave your suggestions! x

Stay rare x
P.S: There's a post on some favorite affordable beauty products to purchase, please check it out.

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